Build grassroots support


In countries that have not yet been willing to support for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, different campaign strategies will need to be employed to build political will and a broad constituency in favour of the treaty.


Here are some possible actions:

  • Reach out to members of your national parliament or congress and ask them to sign the Parliamentary Pledge. This is an individual commitment they can make to work towards your country’s signature and ratification of the treaty.
  • Encourage political parties to embrace the treaty as part of their policy platform. This could be particularly useful in situations where those parties might be in a position to form government following an upcoming election.
  • Encourage journalists and parliamentarians to question senior officials about their decision not to sign the treaty and, if appropriate, use freedom-of-information laws to expose the underlying reasons for your government’s inaction.
  • Reach out to members of your local municipal council to enlist your city or town as an endorser of the Cities Appeal. Cities and towns can help put pressure on your national government to take action.
  • Commission an opinion poll from a research agency to demonstrate the broad public support for your country’s ratification of the treaty. This may give sympathetic politicians the confidence to act, and put pressure on those who are standing in the way.
  • Organize public forums, workshops and other events to build a broad-based civil society movement in support of the treaty. Informing the public about the catastrophic harm caused by nuclear weapons and the urgent need to eliminate these weapons will propel our movement forward.